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You’re vulnerable.
Does this babe even realize how perfect she is?!!!?! @velvetcloouds ily 🙏🙏🙏

by osiefish

Stop being perfect, thanks



can we please stop treating high school drop outs like they’re the scum of the earth that’ll never amount to anything?? because it’s fucking tiring and rude and gross. it’s not the end of the world and school is not for everyone

Thank u

Fuzzy sweater #2 I bought for @shoptunnelvision but I will be keeping for myself.
If you haven’t gotten in on the @shoptunnelvision weekend sale today is the last day!!! (4 all my plus size gals I made sure to add some of my #hwab items to sale prices so you can get in on it too!!)
THE look.
Rewatching Buffy this lovely Sunday afternoon cuz like duh, best show ever.
HAY! I dyed my hair last night (@manicpanicnyc voodoo blue mixed with raven) 🐬💦💦